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What is GOing Xtreme?


What if there was a company who could help people live out their fantasy of experiencing an adventure in a far-away land?  What if there was a company who escort people across the world to places they’ve only dreamed about going?  What if there was a company who could help you harness your individuality, confidence, and sense of adventure? And, what if that same company was committed to handling every detail of your vacation, retreat, wedding or group travel experience?   

Welcome to GO Xtreme Adventures!  

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Go Xtreme Adventures creates unmatched travel experiences for your group tailored exactly to your needs and desires. 

Go Xtreme handles accommodations, travel needs, dining experiences and extreme, fun-packed activities while you sit back and enjoy your adventure of a lifetime. 

Xtreme Fun


Ready for a twist?  Not only will we plan your trip of a lifetime, we'll do it without telling you where you’re going or what you’re doing! 

Seems crazy right? The mystery surrounding the event provides a new level of excitement that our participants absolutely love!

Xtreme Activities


Go Xtreme Adventures combines fun and outlandish activities that challenge participants at every turn. 

Add a pinch of pucker-factor to drag you out of your comfort zone and you have the recipe to build confidence, self-esteem and memories of a lifetime. 

Xtreme Dining


Regardless of where your adventure leads you, you’ll be treated to delicious dining experiences filled with the tastes of the culture you find yourself experiencing. You’ll dine to beautiful views of your adventure’s landscape while enjoying tastes of the local fare prepared by on-site chefs! 

Xtreme Housing


The Go Xtreme team uses only top-rated accommodations  to deliver beautiful ambiance and comfortable  surroundings to our clients. There’s nothing ordinary about the  accommodations your group will find themselves  staying in.     

Let's GO Xtreme


Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Are you ready to challenge yourself?  

If you are travel crazed, have an adventurous side, like to meet new people and be pampered by others… then Go Xtreme Adventures is ready for you!  Email us today to schedule your own Go Xtreme Adventure or get information about upcoming events.

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New Adventures are on the menu! Send us a email to let us know you're interested in going.

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